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Women have often been associated with beauty, fragility, and grace amongst other delicate virtues. However, a woman’s greatest quality is her resilience - her patience with a heart as deep as the ocean – one that engulfs everything in itself. So, women, of today or yesteryear, are deemed to be warriors.

With each passing day, women of fortitude come up, their strength unwavering, head held up with gratitude. These are the women we should look out for and strive to become. In all walks of life, women show perseverance not displayed by their counterparts - even in situations where their dignity and honour are at stake. For this reason alone, women deserve a bow from the world.

This special issue, from WissenMonk Publications, showcases stories of women; those living around us, whom we are friends with, those we greet each day. These are stories of their resilience and strength when in pain at being humiliated, maimed, or disrespected by the same or opposite gender. We claim to know each other, but do we really understand what most women have to go through, some or the other time, in their lives?

Hope we realize the pacifist pathway to moral freedom of women from injustice, bigotry, assault, and disrespect.


May we find each other at peace.

Adeela Hameed

Editor – Wisdom Quest

You Can't Make Me Fall

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