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It has been a year since the pandemic began. Patiently waiting and staying at home has been difficult. Our mental health has deteriorated but we keep pushing ahead. These are truly demanding and challenging times. Our hopes have been put to test in ways we couldn’t imagine. Nonetheless, we still hope and try to move on.


Keeping this faith in consideration, Wisdom Quest’s April edition brings to our readers a glimpse of one of infinite struggles we, as humans, deal with in life. With ‘World After the Pandemic’, a new perspective is bound to develop in our readers. I am certain everyone will acknowledge that hurdles are a part of life, and overcoming these, indisputable!


To instill such assurance, this time of the year, we have Akram, Baisampayan, Comfort, Kaynat, Nafisa, Namrata, Shaheen and Uma weaving stories from all around the world - giving words to the fact that we have suffered yet endured it all.


This month’s issue is carved meticulously so that readers feel connected to Nature and their own selves. It is made to help everyone light the fire of life, fuel it with passion, and keep living as legends should.

World After Pandemic (WisdomQuest)

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