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Author: Shaheen Akhtar


ISBN: 978-93-5593-694-3


Shaheen writes about a world where “Men slaughter men for no reason”; “We break, fall, shatter and fade.” But though there is a note of pessimism in her poetry, it also carries hope and faith: “It’s a fake world today but a better tomorrow awaits us”; “Every new dawn begins with faith.” “For if love breaks you, / It is love that builds you back too.” Her love for her father is poignantly expressed. “Your sickness made me write, and / Your death made me a poet.” She is, indeed, a poet touched by inhumanity, love and nature. She has found a refuge in poetry, as expressed by her, “And you are never alone, / with poetry in your soul,” Her poetry is “a store of myriad imaginations.”

~Dr. Srutimala Duara

Words from Dust

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