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One has to read the thoughts Srutimala Duara has put down more than once, because there is so much simple depth and philosophy in those very We shut the doors of our homes/ to the world outside/ Vital Information Resources Under Siege —/ speculations and deliberations/ behind closed doors/ mankind under threat of a war/ biological agents as weapons/ Satanic mind at work... and you cannot put her down because with such simplicity she expresses the angst that plagues all intelligent minds, and the world today.
— Dolly Thakore

I enjoyed reading the poems. And there is much to admire in them. Srutimala can work her poems on a variety of themes. On the whole, there is a dark charm which emerges out of her own brooding intellect which makes her a poet of deep feeling.
— Jayanta Mahapatra

Srutimala Duara's poems breathe a mystical quality, a sensuality of thoughts and emotions lost in time yet generated once again by refreshing allegorical rains.
— Dhruba Hazarika

When it Rains

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