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Author: Siddhanta Bora


“After all, what is mythology if not a fragment of history unexplored?”

Ravish, an IGS (Intelligence Groups and Services) agent, suffering from serious mental health issues which doesn’t let him concentrate on his work, is rudely jerked back into action when a mysterious caller at night gives him a sinister warning. Ravish gets his old IGS team 'The Rig' back when he learns that his mentor Sanjay has been murdered in cold blood. He realises the caller’s threats have actual deep implications and informs his team. Meanwhile, Mrityunjay, his old enemy unearths some secrets of Indian Mythology and possibly the most dangerous secret ever. He with his society 'The Ajayas' plans to commit something sinister which would have deep reaching implications within society. Then begins the thrilling tale of 'The Rig' going up against 'The Ajayas' in a bid to keep the world order balanced. Filled with mystery, thrill and adventure, the story will keep readers guessing. 'The Rig Chronicles: The Secret of the Sudarshan' is one of those novels that explores the possibilities that Indian Mythology has in store for us.

What was the secret of India’s most potent ancient weapon? Why did Lord Krishna not fight the Mahabharata war? Would Ravish and ‘The Rig’ be able to prevent Mrityunjay from destroying everything?

Delve into this epic tale to find out!

The Rig Chronicles: The Secret of the Sudarshan

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