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Aanya, a young budding writer whose motive is to become the best author and ready to fight for her fairytale comes across en number of obstacles putting her life in puzzlement. With her first manuscript being completed she witnesses that the destiny does not believe in her writings make her give up on life. But do we all not have that one person in our lives , who will make us believe in our story. Just like in our lives, every chapter needs a title so does setbacks and darkness to comeback. And with destiny being quite curious, Aanya meets Aarav. The hope of her life. She had a friend called Pratharv who had magic in his soul. He is the one who made her take the biggest step in her life. With things getting worst while she was working on her manuscript, Aanya felt as if her world was frozen blank. But, don't you think no matter What happens if we are willing to accomplish what our hearts desire, anything could be possible? And "Friendship" has that power. Friendship is that perpetual bond that will make you belive in your life like never before. Aanya comes across 3 beautiful friends only to know that they have forever.

The definite part of Indefinite life

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