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Dive into twelve timeless classic whodunnits by iconic storyteller Satyajit Ray, featuring the legendary detective, Feluda. Join the private investigator as he plunges into seemingly impossible and strange cases accompanied by his sharp and curious nephew, Topse, and the comically anxious novelist, Jatayu.

1. THE EMPEROR'S RING: Feluda is on holiday in Lucknow when a priceless Mughal ring is stolen.

2. THE ROYAL BENGAL MYSTERY: A bloodthirsty tiger is suspiciously killing off people related to an ancestral treasure.

3. THE HOUSE OF DEATH: The search of a scroll leads Feluda to a motley crew of characters, among whom lurks a dangerous killer.

4. TROUBLE IN GANGTOK: In the picturesque city of Gangtok, a businessman is murdered, and the list of suspects is long.

5. THE MYSTERY OF THE ELEPHANT GOD: In Varanasi, the theft of a valuable statuette of Ganesha leads Feluda to unmask a fake sadhu.

6. THE GOLDEN FORTRESS: Feluda sets out in search of a missing boy claiming to remember his previous life.

7. THE CURSE OF THE GODDESS: A stamp collection vanishes; some coded diaries are uncovered and the head of a family in Hazaribagh lies dead.

8. THE BANDITS OF BOMBAY: Soon after Jatayu hands over a package to a man in a red shirt, someone is murdered.

9. THE SECRET OF THE CEMETERY: Feluda chances upon an old grave that has been dug up at the Park Street cemetery.

10. A KILLER IN KAILASH: Feluda, Topse and Jatayu try to prevent the smuggling of priceless sculptures out of India.

11. THE CRIMINALS IN KATHMANDU: A murder in Calcutta sets Feluda on a trail that leads him all the way to Kathmandu and the doorstep of his arch-nemesis, Maganlal Meghraj.

12. THE INCIDENT ON THE KALKA MAIL: When a man's blue briefcase gets accidentally switched with someone else's during a train ride, he enlists Feluda's help to recover it.

The Adventures of Feluda

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