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Stitching a Home is a volume to be read by the fireside in winter. The poet, Basudhara Roy, tells us that ‘places have souls too’ and ‘you have to let them settle’. Since she has studied in Banaras, she takes a nostalgic look at the ‘throbbing pulse of its lanes’ and ‘life making and unmaking itself on its banks.’ The volume is dotted with fine metaphors, as love ‘loses its way on undulating shingles of hesitation’. There are darker moments too when she sees ‘the leper’s candle-stump of a leg.’ The lasting impression is someone in only her second book, is a fleeting touch of wisdom, ‘chaste within the sanctum of its seeding.’ — Keki N Daruwalla


In Stitching a Home, Basudhara Roy’s second poetry collection, we encounter a voice that is both strong and persuasive. The collection deftly weaves the private and the public in a seamless continuity that resonates with the comfort and intimacy of the familiar, while embracing wider social concerns of old age, loneliness, illness, day-to-day living or the woman’s position constrained by social expectations. The pervasive themes of love and nature flow through these poems with a compelling urgency. — Bashabi Fraser


Basudhara Roy's poems draw you in effortlessly to see from a different point of view the construction of home, the transactions of relationships, the hope and hopelessness of love, and the demands of the daily routine. She shows us the rooms we inhabit, the doors that we shut or leave ajar. She holds the mirror up to our lives to show us screenshots of time and change. These are poems to read and savour. — GJV Prasad

Stitching a Home

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