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Raindrops Chasing Raindrops: Haibun & Hybrid Poems by Paresh Tiwari is at once electric, incisive, surreal, powerful, unique, and, for lack of a better term, modern. It is innovative in vision, language, and approach, yet, as it pushes at the boundaries of tradition, it does so with measured care, revealing an intent knowledge and respect for the haibun form. Commentary from the Panel of the Touchstone Distinguished Books Award 2017



The poems have chosen to recount the story of their lives. They confide how they were conceived in moments of utter desperation or times of languorous lovemaking. How they grew up on hunger or abundance, and the way they abandoned the empty husk of their poet to search for something more fulfilling.


Paresh Tiwari is a writer, poet and a cartoonist. He has been widely published, especially in the sub-genre of Japanese poetry. The first collection of his haiku and haibun, An Inch of Sky, was published in the winter of 2014 and is being used as source material for haiku and haibun at Indiana Writers Center, USA.


Haibun are often seen as a sharing of experience with the reader. The work contained herein go further; they allow the reader to be an integral part of the story. Michael Rehling, writer and editor


In this book of 61 prose poems, Paresh Tiwari dwells on love, memory, family, pain, war, rebellion, dreams, mutiny and mundanity, exploring new facets by shifting meanings up a slope on the axis mundi of the unknown. Whether you are a lover of words or phrases that slither into newer meanings, or you just want to set afoot into deep snapshots — portals of reverie — is entirely your choice. Rochelle Potkar, writer and poet

Raindrops Chasing Raindrops

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