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Pomila said, “Deuta, life is ephemeral. We are here today, gone tomorrow. The Maans will be here in a very short time. Only God knows who will live and who will die. You have sworn in the name of the heavens that you love my friend and none other. I believe your word as the gospel truth.’’ Having fired the southern side cannon, Pomila ran towards the one on the western gate. But before she could reach it, about ten Maans broke through the wall of the rampart and caught hold of her. A Maan, Bondula by name, tied her hands with a rope. He gagged her and put her to one side. The Maans on the eastern side also overpowered Shantiram and bound and gagged him. Monomoti , written by Rajanikanta Bordoloi describes the scene of great distress and torment suffered by the people of Assam during the third invasion by the Maans. The situation was brought upon themselves by the Assamese people as a result of desire, anger, lust, jealousy and hunger for power and privileges. In such a situation, the Maans got a chance to come to Assam and destroy the country.


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