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“Mimosa Land” is the collection of my 60 poems, written mostly in free-verse form with a few Haiku and one Tanka, all crafted in between the years 2020 and 2022. The book has been sectionalized into two parts - ‘Inflorescence’ and ‘Reminiscence’, themed around the unfurling of the inner senses throughout the four seasons, that I spent in that pristine piece of land. The first section ‘Inflorescence’ has embodied 30 poems laced with the essence of spring and summertime sweet-sadness, self-love, assurance, serenity of inner thoughts drenched in the showers of invigorating rain, the enchanting world of love and alienation, light and shadow, joy and grief – tasted and painted through the eyes of a poet who seeks the humdrum or the drama of life through her simple words. The second section ‘Reminiscence’ has another 30 poems through which the poet invites the readers to dive into the realm of reflection – the self-reflection of sunny days, the Eunoia of slowly fading and silently approaching winter of life, the enigma hidden behind the mysterious fog of winter that the heart longs to unveil, the insatiable quest to bring back what was lost, what was once yours, what was left for you in the puddle of memories and dreams.

Mimosa Land

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