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Memories are important. And real. They are proof of life lived. They bring us to the future, hold expectations, and provide respite when life seems insignificant. Each one of us has a beautiful memory or two stored away under a closet, with a person, or in a book. And this time around, with Wisdom Quest’s February edition, we explored memories the world of literature harbors for our writers. This is how “Lettre a soi” was born. Our writers have carefully carved within their pieces, every breath of life - mundane or otherwise - that affected them somewhere deep inside. These literary works, along with their intimate memories, create a dam of emotions for every reader to explore on their own. We have Gargi with her empathetic discourse on Pride and Prejudice, and Nimrah drawing a parallel with the world of Harry Potter. Ashi takes us to Faiz Ahmad Faiz, portraying how his poetry embraced her struggle, while Richa finds her female warrior in Virginia Woolf’s, Mrs Dalloway. Arunabh and Biprajit are, coincidentally, inspired by Russian writers, confiding as to how Mikhail Bulgakov and Anton Chekhov, inspired their passion for good books and even better memories. Then, we have Zeenat with her tantalizing overview of Folktales from Nicobar, and her stories that lay deep within each page. Every writer has penned not just their favorite literary work but elaborate journeys of each book into their life. I hope our readers get to dream with them, recalling times spent in peace, comfort, and warmth.

Lettter a' Soi

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