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Author: Karanika Kashyap


Having known Karanika for the better part of the last decade, the way she thinks has always inspired and intrigued me all the same. The way she crafts her metaphors and verses is unique, gut wrenching and powerful. Her choice of words is articulate and enigmatic. In other words, her work is sometimes a paradox in itself. Contradictory, but beautiful in a way one might picture a nebula to be, and fulfilling. Compelling one to ponder, to derive meanings perhaps another has not found. Her work is relevant to the current events and issues of the world but also has the capability to make one travel to days bygone. Her writings, though very beautifully described, leave one longing for more, yet feeling that perhaps the piece has truly found completion. Her ability to portray emotion is precise and delicate. She crafts wings for readers to fly, for her work is nothing short of liberating, making one discover parts of themselves lost somewhere along the way in the labyrinth.To put it simply, Karanika Kashyap is my sister albeit in every way but blood. I have known her even since I was a precocious middle-schooler, and my fellow middle-schooler, only a senior. Ever since, I have been able to connect to her in a way I find myself incapable of expressing in my favourite medium, words. 


Nonetheless, the very reason I took writing seriously was because, she did it. If Hermione Granger were real, it would not be far-fetched to say it would be Karanika. People know her as a daughter, a friend, a student etc. but I have had the honour to be one of those who have seen her as a sister, a friend, a confidante and above all, her growth to the writer she is today.


In Melancholy, She Bleeds Blue

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