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It has been instructed that the Muslims will get together and capture the vast country called India and its neighbouring smaller countries. They will take possession of these countries. At the same time, they will have to convert the non-Muslims into Muslims using force or coercion.
The Muslims and the neo-Muslims will have to be united when such a noble Islamic task will be accomplished. All of them will carry weapons of mass destruction in their respective hands. Innumerable number of people will set out for distant lands to launch jihadi attacks on those countries so that all the people around the world may gradually be converted into Islam through jihadi wars.
Allah Himself has given a very serious responsibility to the religious Muslims with a condition. The terms of the condition is such that Allah will not bring about the Qayamat in this world so long as the act of converting the entire mankind into Islam is not materialized. Again, not a single Muslim individual will be allowed to enter the Behest or the Islamic Heaven so long as the Qayamat does not occur. It also means that the Muslims will be debarred from enjoying the eternal and divinely sensual pleasures and merriment.

Ghazwa-E Hind

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