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Being Non-essential is the third poetry collection by Madhu Raghavendra. Most of the poems in this collection were written in 2020-21, when we were experiencing a collective grief that we have never before witnessed in our lifetime. The poems also look at art with new light gained from the pandemic. An artist is a witness to his time in history who speaks through the medium of arts. They are beyond the option buttons of essential/non-essential. Art is the essence of the essential.

Brief Bio: Madhu Raghavendra has authored two books of poetry Make Me Some Love To Eat, and Stick No Bills published by Red River, New Delhi. He is the founder of Poetry Couture, a movement that has created free spaces for poetry in many cities of India, including the North East. He uses performance poetry as a tool to advocate human and environmental rights. He regularly curates and reads for the American Center libraries in India. He collaborates with global artists to create cross disciplinary poetry experiences. His poems have been set to classical music and contemporary dance. His works have been featured in many literary journals. He was a resident artist at Basar Confluence, Arunachal Pradesh. His poems have been translated into many languages. Madhu will be participating as resident poet at 2021 Spring International Writing Program, The University of Iowa.

Praise for the Book:

'...a keening battle cry in the time of Covid-19, one that earns the author the title of Poet Laureate for an impending post-pandemic society.' — Sam McGovern, Actor

'Being Non Essential contains beautiful vignettes that truly speak to our collective conscience of the last year.' — Doctor Katie Noonan, Award winning Musician

'Madhu's poems have a universal quality that connects to your core and elevates your mind.' — Evan Mack, Composer

'Madhu's poetry traveled faster than light, from his heart to my heart. From his soul to my soul.' — Argyris Xafis , Actor and Award Winning Director

'With one poem Madhu Raghavendra brought the artists of the world together at a time when our work was publicly devalued.' Laura Strickling, Soprano

Most of all, it strikes me as art as an act of revolution. A revolt against the ordinary, against complacency, against the casual acceptance of things as they are when we can be so much better. —Stanley Grill, Composer

Being Non Essential - Prebook

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