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Young birds that leave their nests
do not fly back to their home-trees.
Why then should I long to go back
to my days of spring?

With poignant lyricism, Srutimala Duara’s poems gently bring back much of the music we have lost.
— Robin S Ngangom

These are poems that resonate through your soul and deftly capture the light and shade of life.
— Lynette Lewington

Autumn Poems carry the joy of sitting on the bank of a majestic river of memories. The poems sing lovingly of the earth like the ‘dandelions floating over the greens’. The unusual simplicity of the poems is wrapped with the careful warmth of life. The light from the flickering fireflies guides us to a rare spot where the silence of our home meets the ancient, pharaonic dreams under the cosmic sky. The poet wants us to walk with her ‘into a medieval town, mountains skirting, streets cobbled, cottages with climbing ivy, and roses on window sills’.
— Madhu Raghavendra

Autumn poems

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