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Science fiction is a tough genre. You have to make readers believe in something, which is not there, or something, which, until that day, is impossible. You can make people vanish but then you cannot say it is a miracle. You had better have a proper logical explanation for it, all backed by science. However, we have seen at times, the fictionalized account of events in some of the books years ago, had taken the form of reality. Things that authors imagined to be the future took a form in line with their imagination. The eventualities are either good or bad. Tanay's 'A Cycle of Two' defies this classification. It takes the readers into a fast, riveting, and interesting story with a concept of science fiction that is as old as science fiction itself. Yet the take is refreshing and new, never tried the way before it has been tried in the book. I have known Tanay for a long and I know how awesome of an author he is. 'A Cycle of Two' is going to stay in your mind even after you finish the book and you are going to ponder over it if it's going to be a reality in the future. I can say the chances are there. ~ Nilutpal Gohain

A Cycle of Two

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