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The story is set in a future era following two catastrophic events – 'World War –III' and 'Global Rebellion.' It primarily revolves around the fun-filled and high-octane adventures of six teenagers hailing from six continents. The story begins in the year 2080, when the teenagers with varying ages and temperaments met face to face for the first time oblivious of the fact that they would soon create history as the ‘Rainbow Greenhorns’.

Coming together, Dev Kashyap and his friends - Lee Navajo, Haniya Hussein, Bernie Campbell, Pedro Martinez, and Angelina Korolyova, would travel to unknown places and face unpredictable circumstances they could never have imagined before.

Be a part of their adventurous journey, and live the post-apocalyptic future era of 2080.

2080: Rise of the Rainbow Greenhorns

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